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Common Garage Door Problems that needs to be Fixed Immediately!

Despite being the major entrance into the house, Garage doors are often overlooked. But at the time of major issues like out of the track, damaged springs and hinges etc, this is the most important part of the house that is fixed immediately by the house owners.

Such issues do hamper the functionality of the garage doors, but it can also prove to be dangerous at times. If you do not want to put your family life at risk, you must surely go for the regular inspection process. However, calling the experts to fix the garage door immediately is very important, if some problem has occurred.

Here are 5 common problems with the garage door and optimal solution for the same –

Battery and Electrical Problems :- The hi-tech garage door is operated with the remote opener that comprises of battery power. Any problem in opening and closing of the door could be because of the power failure of the batteries. The ideal way to solve this issue is by calling the professional for the replacement battery for the remote opener.

However, it is always optimal to check the backup battery beforehand, if you want o avoid the complications. The best way is to unplug the opener from the AC power source and check if the door is working on the backup battery.

Problems with Photo Eye Sensors :- The opening and closing of the door are dependent on the photo eye sensors. A beam of light travels from one side of the garage door to the other that provide a signal to the door about the opening or closing of the door. In case, if something is in the way of the door, it would automatically reopen.

The technical problem in the photo eye sensors could also be the reason behind the malfunction, however, dust and dirt on the photo eye sensors could also hamper its functioning. To solve the technical issue there is a need for the professional, while dust and dirt can be removed by the owner itself. All they need to do is use a soft, clean cloth and a mild glass cleaner to wipe any dirt from the sensor eye.

Problems with Track Alignment :- The moving of the door on the tracks and rollers is another common area of a problem. Misalignment of the tracks can cause a problem with the opening or closing of the door. Calling the professional for garage door services becomes must if you want to get the door back on the track.

Problems with Springs and Hinges :- Springs and hinges also play a crucial role in opening and closing of the garage door. With time springs and hinges worn-out causing various problems in the functioning of the door. Also, it can become the reason behind potentially dangerous problems. Therefore, getting the springs and hinges replaced immediately becomes must in order to get the door back into its position.

However, besides these issues, you can also call the professional for various other repairing processes like overhead repair, garage door bracket repair in Jenkintown etc.

So, if you are facing any of these problems you must not wait for things to get worse; instead call the provider right away!