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What are the Reasons Behind the Need for Garage Door Spring Replacement?

What makes the door lift? Think, think, think! Not being able to guess? Well, it’s the garage door torsion springs that make the lifting of garage door possible.

Now that you have got familiar with the use of torsion spring, do you know what causes the problem with the spring and what makes it break?

Well, this is the most obvious question for many homeowners and often many of them do not know the answer to it.

Here is a valuable knowledge shared with you to make you familiar what makes springs breakdown and how you can prevent it from breaking before you need any expert for the garage door repair in PA or any other city.

Let us get started!

Wear and Tear :- The wear and tear is the most obvious reason behind breaking of springs. Usually, the springs have the lifespan of ten thousand cycles, in which one cycle is completed when the garage door goes up and comes back down. In short, it means that in a day you would be using two cycles a day which is just getting the car out of and back into the garage.

But in case, if you have made your garage door used for other purposes like your spouse taking her bike through the same garage, or kids opening and closing the door for any reason, the daily cycles would get double, consequently, burning the ten thousand cycles in about a year. Therefore, the only option is to reduce the need for opening the door so that its life span gets increased.

Rust :- Another reason behind the lesser life span of the spring is the developing of rust, which increases the friction on the coil and makes it weaker. Therefore, the only option to reduce the rust has sprayed the coil three or four times a year. This keeps the coil lubricated and prevents rust buildup.

Maintenance Negligence :- Maintenance of the door parts is quite important in order to prolong their lifespan and springs are also no different. Negligence of the maintenance makes -the spring break. Therefore, regular inspecting andspraying are important in order to keep the door in good condition. Each part of the door plays a crucial role and when it comes to springs, these are important to maintain as the lifting of the door is dependent on it.

Therefore, if your door springs are starting to show signs of wear and tear, you need to call the expert for the help. This is because negligence can cost a lot if you do not get the repairs done on time and there would be no other option besides garage door spring replacement in PA.

However, prevention is better than cure, therefore, if you are keeping the door maintained, the chances of repairs will certainly get reduced. So, make sure to inspect regularly and also maintain the door from time to time.