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Maintenance is the dire need to keep the garage door functioning proper. If it has been a long time that your garage door hasn’t been maintained, you might be at a risk of getting injuries. After all, imbalance door, worn or chipped rollers may cause the door to fall. So, hire our experts of Secure for Sure and we assure that no such accident happens at your place in Yardley.


What cleaning measures do we follow?


1. Clean the inside and outside door with a dry cloth



1. Inspect the condition of the rollers, cables, brackets and hinges.
2. Test the door balance



1. Lubricate the door hinges, springs, bearings with motor oil.



1. Make the necessary repairs in order to bring the door back into its original condition.



1. If any part of the garage door cannot be repaired it is replaced with a good quality product.


Why choose us for the maintenance?

  • We carry out thorough analysis of the door before starting with the repairing process.
  • We assure to bring the door back into its place.
  • We do our work with full guarantee.
  • We are always geared up with necessary equipment.


Choose us for your garage door maintenance and we assure to provide top-notch work.

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They were very polite and helpful. I will surely recommend them to other people in the neighborhood to fix the garage door at Yardley.
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Tremendously amazing job. Garage door installation job was done quickly and at a perfectly reasonable price!
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