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Step-by-Step Process of Troubleshooting Garage Door Followed by Our Experts!

Garage door tends to wear down after few years. There could be a problem with the springs, tracks, screws, wiring or bolts that make an owner go for the garage door repair. But before starting with the repairing process, technician needs to be troubleshooting the problem.

Here’s what our experts follow to troubleshoot what needs to be repaired –

Bolts and screws:- First bolts and screws on each mounting bracket are checked. If they are loose, they are tightened.

Tracks :- Are the tracks properly aligned? This is the second garage door troubleshooting step. Vertical and horizontal tracks need to be at a proper height. If there is any problem with the tracks , they are need to be set in proper alignment, which is done as follows –

=> First, the screws are loosened.

=> Second, the tracks are tapped back into proper position.

=> Third, Re-tightening of the bolts and screws is done.

Springs :- Now springs of the door are inspected. The torsion springs are attacked above the door. If any tension is noticed, our experts make the necessary adjustments by simply moving the spring hooks to the next notch.

Mechanism of the door :-Slow opening and closing of the door is another factor to troubleshoot. If this is the case, there is some problem with the garage door opener. Our experts would make the best possible efforts for the garage door opener repair in PA that will bring back the door into its working condition.

Batteries of remote control opener :-Batteries of a remote control opener can also be the reason behind the garage door malfunction. Our experts will check the battery inside the remote control door opener and replace it of needed.

Garage door bracket :- Another part that is troubleshooting is garage door bracket. If it is detached and ripping of the door, our experts will bind the bracket with the door thus making the wires secure.

Opener’s motor :-Another possible reason of garage door breakdown is opener’s motor. Our experts troubleshoot the motor and make necessary repairs. Even if there is the need to replace the motor, our experts do this job with perfection.

So, this is how our experts follow the step-by-step process of troubleshooting garage door. If you want to make your garage door run efficiently, you need to go for the timely maintenance. However, immediate repairs are also essential in order to bring the good back into its working condition. Our experts are best in performing spring replacement, cable repair, garage door opener repair, PA etc.