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Is there a Dent in Your Garage door? Let the Professionals Fix it!

Nowadays, aluminum garage doors are commonly used because of its vast benefits. Durability, strength, maintenance-free is to name a few features of it, which has made many house owners opt for it.

But being maintenance-free material, it does not mean that it is resistant to dents. In fact, aluminum doors are prone to dents caused while reversing the car or any other vehicle. Though many owners would think of replacing the garage door in Yardley, which is indeed a costly affair, yet there is a way out to get rid of the dents.

Wondering, which way it could be?

Well, it is the simple dent removal technique that is not only money saving method but a time saving method as well.

Following are the steps of dent-removal technique adhered by the professionals –

Things required for removing the dents :- To start with the removal of dents, experts first require gathering all the necessary equipment. Here is the checklist of the tools being gathered before starting the process –medium sized bucket, dish soap, outdoor hose, heavy duty sponge, aluminum foil, standard lighter and compressed air.

Step-by-step process :- First, the bucket is filled with water and dish soap is mixed into it.

After mixing the soap well into the water, with the help of a sponge, the dented areas is scrubbed so that all the dirt is removed. No expert moves forward till the dented area is not properly cleaned.

Now the aluminum foil is used to cover the area. It is cut according to the area that is required to be repaired. Once it has been done, with the help of a lighter and compressed air the foil is attached to the dented area.

The flame is now moved back and forth over the dent for 60 seconds. This is done continuously till the aluminum foil is attached to the dent.

After it has been completely attached, the expert removes the foil and holds the air upside down. Now the compressed air is sprayed for at least 30 seconds and within a few seconds the dent will pop back to its original place and the door will become the same as before.

So, these are the steps followed by the professionals for the removal of dents on the garage door. Though it may sound easy, yet it is not a child’s play! Therefore, hiring a professional for this job is the ideal way to get rid of the garage door dents.

So, if there are dents in your door and you are thinking to replace it, you need to rethink your decision as there is a better alternative for it. Go for the dent removal technique if you want to save money.

Hire the professional of your city to get this job done as they have the expertise and right equipment to fulfill this job successfully. Even for the other jobs like spring or hinges repair, garage door opener replacement in Yardley, you must always look up for the professionals of the industry.