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Although the idea of a garage door spring repair in Flemington can seem like a simple process, the truth is that the process of repairs on a garage door spring can be quite dangerous. Replacing a spring on a garage door can actually lead to some further damage to your garage door if it is done incorrectly as well as the chance that you could put yourself at an extensive safety risk by being in the path of the spring.

Garage door torsion springs in Flemington need to be able to lift an entire garage door with ease and as some garage door models can often way in excess of 400 pounds, a spring is consistently under tension. When a spring falls into disrepair or breaks tension on a garage door can be removed and this can easily cause the entire door to fall off the track, can cause auxiliary springs and cables to break and more. Without a torsion spring in place any type of garage door repair instantly becomes more dangerous.

Contacting the repair professional for garage door spring repair in Flemington is essential to preventing further need for repairs or personal injury to yourself or to those involved in the repair. In most cases garage door torsion springs in Flemington are designed to last for around 15,000 open and close cycles with your garage. Due to accidents with impact damage on the door, added door weight with insulation, damage to other parts of the door or inadequate maintenance these springs can fail early.

When a garage door spring breaks your door will often be completely stuck in place until you are able to perform repairs. When this happens you should consider contacting our garage door specialists immediately in Flemington so that we can get your garage door back up and running and ensure the safety of your family or commercial property.

If you have garage door springs that have fallen into disrepair or door that requires immediate repair, contact us today. We provide garage door spring replacement in Flemington

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